Nordic Diner

Keeping her nose to the grindstone is Lena Moore’s personal mission. She has a lot of debt to pay off, and she is willing to work hard to get there. Two jobs doesn’t leave a lot of time for friends, school, or anything else, but she focuses on her goals instead. One time, just one time she goes against her better judgement and helps someone else out. One time she looks up from her slow crawl toward financial freedom, sees someone in need, and offers a hand.

In return, she is attacked by a creature that can’t possibly be real. Suddenly, her dull, logical life is full of shootings, kidnappings, mind readers, and annoying homeless guys who keep giving her unwanted advice. If Lena wants things to return to normal, she will have to step outside reason and plans and into a world of danger and power unimaginable. She will race to find a long-hidden artifact, rescue the only friend she has, and stay one step ahead of the nightmares that will steal her mind and her skin if she isn’t quick enough. If she can do all of that and stay out of jail, she might still make it to work on time.

Bills don’t pay themselves. Unfortunately, ancient, evil monsters don’t kill themselves either.  It is a good thing Lena is used to getting her hands dirty.


Nordic Diner is the working title for a novel published in a serial format. Please, don’t forget to leave your comments and questions!

Update: Nordic Diner is currently on hiatus, while Susan finishes Barghest.

Chapter 1: Clothes Make the Man

Chapter 2: Pie and Forks

Chapter 3: Denial

Chapter 4: Revenge

Chapter 5: When it Rains

Chapter 6: It Pours