North Sea Dawn


Susan has finished her first full-length historic romance novel, North Sea Dawn.  It is available for purchase on Amazon.

Set during the Norman Conquest of England, the story focuses on Lady Julia Cruithne and her struggle to maintain independence of her lands and people against a backdrop of war and ever-changing political alliances.  When she needs a knight in shining armor, she finds one in the last place she would have expected.

Amazon readers have given it five stars.


“…I am blown away by the story and how well it was written…”

“Great historical romance. A fast pace page tuner all the way through…”

“I enjoyed North Sea Dawn and was surprised that it is the author’s first book…”

“…my first Viking novel and I loved it…”

Sneak Peek

“Thank you,” Eric said quietly.  His eyes were a dark honey color.  The lashes long, thick, and dark brown.  She was struck by the harsh, masculine angles of his face compared to his warm gaze.

“It is nothing that anyone wouldn’t have done,” she responded quietly.

“Few would have helped us, you know this.  Most would have attacked us while we were weak from our voyage and wounds.  Many more would have refused us medicine or refuge.  You have offered us your homes. You have saved my men.”

“You saved us, when the Normans would have slaughtered us on our own beach.  The people of this island have much to thank you for as well.”

“I owe them a debt of gratitude also.  But now I thank you, I will do whatever I can to repay you.”  His hand tightened, almost painfully, on her arm stressing his conviction.

“Your men saved Aurelius from the Normans, we have given you healing and shelter.  I say we are even.”  She patted his hand awkwardly and tried to pull out of his grip.

“Perhaps the healing is payment for our skills as warriors, but we will earn our keep here.  We will help you rebuild, and do anything else we can while my men heal.”  His thumb was rubbing circles on the exposed flesh of her arm, and Julia felt the rough abrasion of his calluses there, and a spreading warmth in her belly.  “And I owe you more – a personal debt – which I will do all I can to repay.”  She couldn’t look away from the intensity of his gaze.  A heat was spreading up her chest.  She could feel the beginnings of a red blush, which would be mortifying.

“We can discuss this later, Sir Vandalsson.  You and your men are welcome to stay – as long as you obey the law of the island.” She finally pulled her arm away, and felt a shiver where the warm breeze replaced the heat of his hand.  “I have duties to attend.”

“What is the law of the island, my Lady?”  His voice was low, and there was something in his tone that sent a shiver to the base of her spine.

 “I am the law,” her voice was so quiet, it was almost a whisper.  She shook herself.  She was the law.  She was the Lady of Aurelius, and she would not allow a handsome barbarian to use his calluses to distract her from her responsibility.  She straightened her spine and dampened the blush by sheer force of will.  “If you are looking for something to do, speak with Ulrich or Duncan.  They can put you and your men to work.”

“As you wish,” his head dipped, ever so slightly, but his eyes never left hers.  She turned and flew into the next cottage, telling herself that discretion was the better part of valor.


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7 Responses to North Sea Dawn
  1. Beverly says:

    I am interested in reading this book once it is finished; it sure sounds good!

  2. lovelygamer says:

    I think I will be giving this book a gander. You’re an amazing writer! I already follow your two written works on Dokuga; I’d greatly like to see what else there is you have to offer. Congratulations on the achievement of your first book, btw.

  3. Mimi says:

    The sneak peek shows a lot of promise. I absolutely adore historical romances so I can’t wait to delve right one it finds itself on my doorstep. I actually just read your epilogue for SA so I’ll be working my way through your other works! Thanks for your hard work 🙂

  4. Taren says:

    I cant believe I never figured out that the same person who wrote this amazing book also wrote my favorite SeshKag fics of all time. My eyes are so wide wide open now! I’ve been re-reading your fics and this book for almost 2 years now and had absolutely no idea it was all connected and you have more for me to binge! Jackpot day!

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