Hellhound: Siege Engine

nasa-red-planet-narrowIn 2148, Sergeant Clara Maker is more than halfway through her obligatory two years of service in the military when she becomes involved in a new wave of aggression in the war. She wants nothing more than to finish her duty tour and return to Earth, but whether she wants it or not, a career as a soldier may not be something she can escape. Not with her life intact.

Malak (research designation 27-2-M), was genetically engineered to be a soldier. To end the war between humanity and the Cullers. Killing aliens comes naturally to him, but that life is not one he chose for himself. The same humans he was born to protect would fear and hate his kind if their existence ever became public. He has never had to choose between duty and instinct, programming or free choice. But when the day comes that his orders conflict with the best interests of his kind, the Sol Coalition may find that their greatest threat is not the aliens seeking their extinction, but their own creations.

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Star Map for Hellhound: Siege Engine. Image sourced from the NASA Image and Video Library. Click to enlarge map.

Chapter 1: Hubris

Chapter 2: Luck Sometimes Visits a Fool

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