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Susan has been writing for several years, in a wide range of genres, both fiction and non-fiction work.  She considers herself a responsive writer, and is always happy to see feedback from fans or foes.  She was inspired to be a writer, because, as an avid reader, she occasionally runs out of books.  When low on reading material – create your own.  She enjoys terrible, terrible movies, game night, and heavy sarcasm.  Susan has two children that she loves enough to sit through music recitals and dance performances and harbors a secret desire to creatively murder all player characters whenever she acts as the dungeon master.   Susan lives in Nebraska, and is still waiting for the day when she can choose all of her writing projects for the sheer excitement of creating.

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  1. Gwen Kautz says:

    Sue, I don’t even LIKE sci-fi books but you’ve hooked me….GRRRR… Is there an e-version of your book (any of them) I can load into iBooks or Kindle? These deserve to be and SHOULD BE published – and I know you can do that through Kindle – was hoping you had already explored that venue. You have a great gift!

    • Susan Amund says:

      Thanks, Gwen! That’s a great compliment! North Sea Dawn, my historical romance, is currently available on Amazon in the Kindle format. I do have plans for Barghest as well, once I get further into the story. Thank you again, and I hope you continue to enjoy it!

  2. Is there a way to sign up for alerts whenever you update with a new chapter?

  3. Kim says:

    Honestly came here because of a post from fanfiction but can’t find it -_-

  4. Jean O says:

    I have let you know this before, but I want you to know, Unlikely Singularities is so great. You really flesh characters out very well. Please keep writing this universe, I look forward to the updates. Jean O

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