Monthly Archives: October 2017

Filing for Worker’s Compensation

I know it has been a long time coming, but Chapter 5: Wags the Dog has finally posted. It would have gone up significantly sooner, but this happened:

How does a writer break her hand, you might ask? Carpal tunnel surgery? Maladjusted sentient typewriter? Anger management issues with uncooperative characters resulting in monitor damage? Nope. Drill driver. Yeah. It was about as awful as it sounds. Although, I told people there had been a ninja situation, and I think they bought it – so my street cred is way up.

In more optimistic news, I should be posting much more regularly going forward. Not only is my cast off and my hand therapy going well, but I quit my day job. So. This is it. The big reveal. I have no excuses now for not being an honest to goodness author. It’s all down to skills and determination. And you. Without readers, there really isn’t much point in this whole endeavor. Thank you, for your support, your comments, and for coming back to share in the worlds I enjoy creating so much.

(Also, Hand Therapy is going to be the name of my White Snake cover band. I call dibs.)