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Available Now

Today, my science fiction novel, Hellhound: Siege Engine, dropped on Amazon for the kindle. This is both incredibly exciting for me – and a bit surreal. I have been working on the Hellhound universe for over two years, and can’t believe that it is finally out there and available for purchase. Whoa. Things just got real.

Hellhound focuses primarily on two characters. Clara Maker is serving in the Sol Coalition, defending Earth and human-controlled space from the aggressive Culler species. She is a reluctant soldier, only having joined because service is mandatory. In a future where embryonic gene therapy to eradicate diseases and enhance aesthetics like height and musculature is standard, Maker’s unenhanced genes single her out as less than the ideal human.

Malak is the result of illegal military research into splicing human DNA to create perfect soldiers. Faster, bigger, stronger. More dexterous, better at strategy, and more durable. He was designed to fight in the Culler war. He was raised to defend humanity. He was programmed to obey, but his instincts are stronger than the scientists expected.

Hellhound: Siege Engine follows the path these two take as the war between humanity and the Cullers rages. They are both products of a decades-long struggle to find any means to defeat the enemy. Unknown to either of them – to anyone – there is one other person who may have found a way to ensure human victory. And both Maker and Malak are part of that plan.

Hellhound is published under the name Suzanne Brodine. Purchase Hellhound: Siege Engine on Amazon today! Or read an excerpt here.