Unlikely Singularities – Chapter 99


You Ever Light A Cobweb On Fire?

March 9, 2017

You’re Spiderman?”

Yeah. It’s, ah, it’s sort of part-time? While I go to school and finish up my training with Mr. Barton.”

He the old dude with the arms?”

Um, yeah? But don’t call him old where he can hear you. He’ll make you run the obstacle course. In the dark.”

Photon is never in the dark.”

…did you just-”

Yeah. Sorry. I was trying something. That’s not going to work.”

Don’t worry about it. Mr. Stark makes it look easy, but one-liners are hard.”

Yeah. So…is there anything to do around here? Other than train? And apparently get my GED.”

Um. I’m only here on the weekends, usually, but sometimes if none of the Avengers are around to practice with, I make a big web in the training room. It works kind of like a trampoline.”

Cool. Show me?”