Help Wanted

So, I published Hellhound: Siege Engine, but now I need your help.

One of the most important factors into getting a book noticed is reviews – good reviews and lots of them. I don’t have a marketing department to push my book out to potential readers or critics. I don’t have funds to market directly at places like ComicCon where I think I could connect with my target audience. What I do have, is you. So many individuals on the internet have read my original and transformative stories and been supportive, generous with constructive criticism and praise, and loyal. All of you continue to come back, time and again, to read what I write. I am asking you to do that again, and to comment where the public – and Amazon’s algorithms – can see it.

And I want to reward you for that favor.

I can only pay you in the currency that has brought you to my site: words. That is all I can offer in thanks. For every good review I receive on Amazon, I will post a chapter in the story of the reviewer’s choice, original or transformative. If you want to read more about Unlikely Singularities, or Nordic Diner, Heated Blood, or even Second Alliance, I would love to offer that in thanks for helping me get my sci-fi novel noticed. If you are interested in one of the many, many prompts that has been discussed in comments on my stories – let’s make that happen.

Post a review to Amazon, message me through my website, twitter, or whichever transformative site you use, and let me know what you want to see.

If you can’t review – if the cost of Hellhound is not in your budget right now, your local library doesn’t have a copy, and you don’t have Kindle Unlimited – that’s fine. I get it. And I still want to thank you for all of the support I have received over the years. Without readers like you, I would not have come this far. It is you who have kept me going when I have been discouraged or burnt out. Thank you.

5 Responses to Help Wanted
  1. Grace Greenwood says:

    I come back here every year or so to reread Second Alliance, as it has been at the top of my favorite stories list since I discovered it years ago.
    While I am not a Sci-Fi buff myself, I will be buying a copy of your book for my husband (and read it myself if I can get over my preconceptions about sci-fi to absorb more of your expert writing)!
    Keep up the great work, darling! You’ve got supporters here

  2. rmat says:

    I know this is old but I wanted to just leave a comment saying you are an amazing writer and I will 100% check out your books(s)? You inspire me to write my own original work.

  3. Hope says:

    Loved the first 2 Hellhound books and left reviews on Amazon for them. Will the next book be published this year?
    Also, I hope you’re still going to continue with your fanfics…Heated Blood is so so good.

    • Susan Amund says:

      Thank you so much! I do intend to publish Hellhound 3 this summer, but it may not come out in June to due COVID related delays in the cover design and editing process this year. I hope you keep reading, and keep enjoying! In thanks, let me post another installment of Heated Blood for you.

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