Unlikely Singularities

Unlikely Singularities is a transformative work set in the Marvel: Avengers universe.


Prologue. Stage Right: When the World is One

Chapter 1. Stage Right: A Shadow’s Shadow

Chapter 2. Hold Me Closer, Kevin Bacon: Shaken, Not Stirred

Chapter 3. Hold Me Closer, Kevin Bacon: We Don’t Need No Water

Chapter 4. Hold Me Closer, Kevin Bacon: Fun and Games

Chapter 5. Hold Me Closer, Kevin Bacon: On the Rocks

Chapter 6. Hold Me Closer, Kevin Bacon: Let the Mother Burn

Chapter 7. Hold Me Closer, Kevin Bacon: Another Round

Chapter 8. Hold Me Closer, Kevin Bacon: Until Someone Loses an Eye

Chapter 9. Stage Right: Sent For or No

Chapter 10. Stage Left: Running Through the Forest

Chapter 11. Stage Left: Jumping Fences, Dodging Trees

Chapter 12. Stage Left: Trying to Get Away

Chapter 13. Stage Left: Golly What a Day

Chapter 14. Joe Louis: Yeah I’m Scared

Chapter 15. Don’t Eat the Worm: The Secret

Chapter 16. Don’t Eat the Worm: The Fumes of Bad Decisions

Chapter 17. Don’t Eat the Worm: Voted Most Likely to Be Culpable in an Arson

Chapter 18. Joe Louis: Scared I’ll Kill Schmeling

Chapter 19. Stage Right: Pink Slip

Chapter 20. Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off

Chapter 21. Miss Jackson, I Presume?

Chapter 22. Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time

Chapter 23. Build God, Then We’ll Talk

Chapter 24. Stage Right: A Sterile Promontory

Chapter 25. These Gifts

Chapter 26. A Diamond in the Cabbage Patch

Chapter 27. Which We Are About to Receive 

Chapter 28. In His Name

Coming Soon! Chapter 29. Inlaws v. Outlaws


The characters and universe represented here are wholly the creations of Marvel. The short stories posted here are derivative works based on Marvel’s original work, but have not been commissioned or approved in any way by Marvel. I do not profit in any way from this work, and I consider Unlikely Singularities and my other fan fiction to be fair use, transformative creative works as they add new meaning and messages to the original work. I encourage readers who enjoy my work to purchase media created by Marvel in order to be further immersed in the Avengers universe and support the creative endeavors of Marvel.

Should Marvel take exception to the work presented here, I will remove the work upon notification by an official representative of Marvel.