Barghest Chapter 10

Barghest is long enough, at this point, that I feel it needs its own page. I have relisted it with my other original works, so that the chapters can be accessed all in one place and reading them sequentially can be a more seamless experience.  Along with posting Chapter 10, I have also added a prologue. It isn’t necessary to read that new introductory piece to continue with the story, but I wanted it to be available to you. The prologue is actually the first thing I wrote for Barghest, although I didn’t think it would be used in this manner in the story line. It details a short scene, several decades before Chapter 1 takes place, which sets the tone for the genetic experiments that are the basis for Project Hellhound.  The language is more detailed and technical than is probably appropriate for wide-audience fiction, but while I wrote it I was feeling out the framework for the universe Barghest is set in. This is a world that has a century of advancements and technology stolen from an alien race that was far more advanced than humanity. A world where, as a society and a species, humans are struggling with concepts of morality, ethics, and self-identification. Not unlike today.  It is a universe of tremendous potential and expansion, but also one of tremendous fear. Fear of war, of the unknown. Fear of having the peace and prosperity brought by scientific advancement ripped away. Fear of the power of a political and military structure that keeps an entire solar system safe – but has also severely restricted liberties and nearly eliminated privacy. It seemed to me to echo the most negative interpretations of our world by today’s media.

I hope you continuing reading and enjoying Barghest. And don’t hesitate to let me know your thoughts or questions!

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