Finishing What You Start

I took a long, long absence from writing anything of substance. Although I picked up a few pages here and there on various projects, I didn’t really commit to anything. Unfortunately, it turns out that in order to be a writer, one must actually write. Even more distressing, to be an author, one must publish – which requires finishing something.

I know, I was also appalled when I found out.

North Sea Dawn was my first completed full length work, but I don’t want it to be my last. In the interested of completing something, and having invested an inordinate amount of time in it already, I am working on Second Alliance again. This time, I intend to finish it. I won’t ever make money from publishing SA – nor should I as it is a transformative work based on the creativity of another – but I do need to finish it. With that in mind, I have updated another six chapters to the webpage as well as the downloadable formats.  SA deserves to be completed, as much as I need to make myself do it. Hopefully, once I have another project wrapped up, I can successfully turn my brain to a wholly original project.

Then I suppose I’ll have to finish that one, too.

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