I’m Back Baby

So, there’s been a bit of a break. I take full responsibility and apologize for my inaction. The first step is admitting there is a problem.

*Spoilers for Barghest, Part II*

Maker has accomplished step one. There is definitely a problem. One that seems to occur every time she goes on a mission. Namely, people die. And while that shouldn’t be too surprising given the billions of humans that have been killed as part of the Culler War, she has difficultly not feeling personally responsible. Things were looking up for her with her transfer to the Kahlid, where her friends are stationed, and a promotion to middle management. Although no one has ever, in the history of one person assigning work to another, said, “Gee middle management is where I want to be” it has its upsides. Maker won’t be ultimately responsible for soldiers on the front line, and she gets her own room. Not bad compared to the alternatives.

However, things never pan out exactly as they should where Maker is involved. In Part II, Chapter 15: Prevailing Winds, Maker’s service to the Sol Coalition takes another turn for the worst. In another star system, at about the same time and not so far away, Malak is doing his damnedest to protect Alnitak and the Coalition soldiers headed there but he has to jeopardize his own mission to do so.

But that is a story for a new chapter.

Here’s to a soldier and a brave one.

A knife and a sharp one.

An enemy and a dead one.

A quick death and an easy one.

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