Medieval Curses

Two hundred ninety-four pages total in North Sea Dawn and I am a little more than half-way through with edits. Today I read perhaps my favorite comment from my editor, “Is this curse word historically accurate?”

Now, that is something to set you back a few hours of research. Did you know that most modern curse words didn’t exist in the early middle ages? Yeah, me neither. I did discover, according to several other authors on the interwebs, and as we all know if you read it online it is true, that with a few guidelines you can make up your own derogatory terms, full of vitriol to damn your villainous characters.

1) Insult the mother

2) Insult their looks and/ or physical capabilities

3) Use animal names, e.g. shrew, pig, dog, etc.

4) Bring religion into it

Devil’s shrew. Lousey, pox-marked son of a whore. Naggle-toothed swine.

This easily ate up an hour that would have otherwise been productive. It was fun though, and marginally educational.

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