North Sea Dawn Available

North Sea Dawn is now available for purchase on Amazon. I am so excited to have this work, my first original full-length fiction, out there in the world. With you, the reader.

I loved writing this story.  I laughed when the Vikings prepared for war in their boisterous, confident way. I felt terrible for Julia when her brother died and nearly cried writing her acceptance of his death. I was on the edge of my seat as I found the perfect words to describe that anxious, excited, nervous feeling right before the romance – and the worse anxious, excited, nervous feeling right afterwards. I grinned when Eric foreshadowed the Princess Bride by about 920 years. I actually jumped out of my seat when the villain finally got what was coming to him, yelling “take that!”, like a crazy person, at my computer.  I may have squealed a little during a particular, perfectly in-character, confession.

I hope you enjoy reading this even a fraction of how much I enjoyed writing it.

Who am I kidding, I hope you love it – more than chocolate, wine, and a shirtless Thor scene all rolled into one. Ambitious? Yes. But it’s out there. In the world. And that might be the best feeling an author can have.

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Go forth, and read.


2 Responses to North Sea Dawn Available
  1. Kate says:

    Why does Eric speak Slovak if he is supposed to be a viking?

    • Susan Amund says:

      Great Question! The answer is in his name, Vandalsson.

      Spoiler Alert: It is mentioned a few times in passing throughout the story, and then in more detail at the end of the book, but Eric’s father was a Vandal. These people were originally from the area now called Poland and ranged into Germany, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. By 1066, the Vandals as a distinct people no longer existed, but the term was still used to describe Eastern European and Germanic peoples. Eric lived with his parents in Eastern Europe until he was nine.

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