Second Alliance Incentives End

I have failed you. At least, I feel that way. Two readers, Anabel and Daisie, reviewed North Sea Dawn and expected chapters 59 and 60 to be posted. Unfortunately, I just can’t do that.

I was ready to, I really was, but I am just not satisfied. These are the last two chapters of Second Alliance, and although I have them both written, they just aren’t what they should be. You deserve the best I can offer. The readers of Second Alliance who have stuck with me for such a long time, and those like Anabel and Daisie that have offered me such generous praise and encouragement, deserve this story to end beautifully. Magnificently. I want you to tear up and laugh and yell and cheer. I promised you that when we started this journey. I promised that we would finish this together. And we will.

But not quite yet. Not until I am certain that Second Alliance is everything it can be. Soon, very soon, this will be over, and that will be bittersweet for me. Until then, I can only offer my apologies, a sneak peek, and an offer to Anabel and Daisie: one question, each. Any single question you would like answered about Second Alliance that does not spoil the ending and I will answer it. Anything you want to know about the expanded Inuyasha universe in Second Alliance, the characters, subplots that you might not have felt were explored thoroughly – anything. Comment here, and I’ll respond.


Chapter 59 Sneak Peek

Kimi cocked her head slightly. Although she could see the physical appeal, even under his loose robes, she was more intrigued by the spark of intelligence in his eyes. The monk was often the diplomat for the Shikon group during the hunt for the shards, and an accomplished spiritual force as well. Kimi realized, as she observed him interacting with the wolf prince and several wilder youkai, that his easy, pleasure-seeking persona was a mask for a sharp mind. Cunning. Devious. Kimi smiled widely. She would enjoy working alongside that one.

She stepped silently from the sparse undergrowth and shadows of twisted pine trees. A ripple of stillness moved across the camp; Kimi waited until all eyes were on her, cautious, admiring, and fearful. Then she spoke, “You are honored by the presence of This One.” Her gaze narrowed in on Kouga, then the monk. Where the young youkai had quickly covered his shock with a stern countenance, the human Do impress.”

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