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I posted the fifty-second chapter of Second Alliance to this site today. That is 569 pages. For three years, including a nine month sabbatical while I switched jobs and dealt with other, uninteresting life issues, I have been working on this piece of fiction. It was a writing exercise that turned into an epic tale that I am incredibly proud of; at the same time I wish I had put this kind of creativity and energy into an original work. Regardless of the effort, this needed to be finished. I needed to finish it, and I am close.

Just prior to today’s post, I finished fleshing out the framework for the rest of Second Alliance. It isn’t fully written, but I can practically taste the Fin and I am excited to share it. I write a few chapters ahead of when I post, so I have an estimated 6-8 chapters remaining left to write. That is about 75 pages, depending on how wordy I get. Which, as you know, is pretty wordy. We are nearly there. Thank you for going on this journey with me.

And now, for the shameless self-promotion:

I write every week, and I haven’t held any chapters hostage for comments or reviews. They are posted as soon as I have written a new chapter and edited the next to go up. However, I want to get to the end and hear your thoughts on it  almost as badly as I don’t ever want this story to be over. So, I am willing to offer us both, reader and writer, an incentive. For every review that is posted to my original book, North Sea Dawn, on Amazon, I’ll post another chapter of Second Alliance – with a maximum of one chapter per day. That could mean ten new pages a day. Don’t worry, I’ll still finish and post approximately every 2 weeks if no one is willing to buy or borrow North Sea Dawn in the Kindle Lending Library and review it. If you do review, send me a link to it with your screen name so I can thank you.  When Second Alliance is done, I would like to put something new out on Amazon. Maybe Barghest, which I am currently posting to my blog (space, genetic engineering, and political intrigue – oh my). Maybe Nordic Diner (ah, NaNoWriMo, sorry I failed you – again). Maybe that steampunk idea that is still churning around in my brain like a pushy salesman (hey, this is a nice watch, this is the watch for you, just try it on). I can’t move on though, until the massive, massive cast of characters in Second Alliance all get their planned ever after and the future of demons is determined.

Let’s do this, together. Give this story the culmination that has been so long in coming. Let’s all gasp and cry and laugh and cheer and shout for the characters that we love – and the ones we love to hate. And then, after a respectful period of reflection (and by that I mean raving about the things that you would have done differently and lamenting that it is over), let’s find a new journey.

I know it is going to be good.

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  1. daisie says:

    Since I am so in love with your story and your writing style, I have no problem promoting you! I definitely want to buy North Sea Dawn (weirdly enough I hadn’t realized that you had original work..I guess I was just so focused on SA) and will share my thoughts.

    Once again, you are an incredibly talented writer so please keep writing!

  2. Steffany says:

    I’m so excited, I’ll be buying and reviewing north sea dawn here in the next few days and reading it as fast as I can. I have read all your other work. Base instincts, second alliance, etc and I love everything you write.

  3. kakigreene says:

    I had been meaning to buy North Sea Dawn for a while, so this gave me the perfect excuse to not only buy, but devour in a day!

  4. Ashley H. says:

    I just finished North Sea Dawn and I enjoyed it! I borrowed the book on Amazon but after reading, it was so good that I’m planning to buy it. (I also reviewed the book online today but for some reason, it didn’t post my name. ‘Amazon Customer’ was meant to be Ashley H!

  5. Victoria says:

    I just read North Sea Dawn and loved it. I left you a review of it on Amazon so I won’t go into the specifics here. Here is the link;
    If that doesn’t work, I reviewed it under Victoria. I am very excited for the end of Second Allience and also am extremely excited for your future stories. Thank you for your amazing writing.

  6. Anabel Abreu says:

    I would just like to start by saying that you a frigging amazing and so so soo very talented! I hope you always continue doing what you love, because it is so very obvious that you love to write. Second Alliance is one of my favorite fan fictions of all time and I’m going to be so happy to see the how everything unfolds and falls into place. While also secretly wishing it goes on forever, so bitter sweet. Ugh! I adore you!
    I just reviewed your book on amazon (how are you soo good?!).
    I hope this is the correct link

    My review doesn’t say my name unfortunately ( hi I’m Anabel :D) …. I hope I followed your instructions correctly. Ttfn!

    • Susan Amund says:

      Thank you so much, Anabel! I have loved writing Second Alliance – especially now that we are so close to the end! I hope to have the next chapter posted tomorrow, with thanks for your review of North Sea Dawn. I am glad you enjoyed it!

    • Susan Amund says:

      I have bad news, Anabel. Unfortunately I am having some quality issues with the next chapters of Second Alliance – entirely my own fault. I have gone into some detail regarding how that effects the Incentives program on my website, but, to sum up, I am not satisfied with these last two chapters. They are the end of this story, and I don’t want to post until they are the best I think they can be. Hopefully that shouldn’t take to long. In the meantime, as an apology, I have tried to offer a consolation to you and another reader who has also reviewed North Sea Dawn.

      Please accept my sincere apologies, and know that I am trying to offer you the best reading experience possible. Thank you again.

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