I’m at a crossroads in my steampunk story.  Doctor Anderson has managed to uncover some top-secret research the U.S. government is searching for, and he’s reached a safe place where he can finally examine it.  Unfortunately, I can’t decide what type of research it should be.  I’ve got two choices:

1) Technology that will revolutionize a steampunk world, and has the potential to create economic shock waves that the antagonist can use to take power.

2) Something a bit more magical.

I like the magical aspect, because it adds something a little extra to the political intrigue that is the backbone for my story.  However, it may be a bit too much for the reader to deal with, as they already have to get used to a lot of terms that are unfamiliar and alternate historical events.  What do you think? Ground-breaking technology that Clayton Anderson discovers and must keep out of the wrong hands? Or supernatural knowledge that has the power to change the course of civilization?  Let me know your thoughts.

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