I have really enjoyed writing Barghest, and I think a great deal of that enjoyment comes from serialized nature of it. That additional feedback, the anticipation of waiting to see what readers will think of the latest installment, is addictive. I write ahead of what I am posting, so although Chapter 16: Nosey Neighbors went live today, I have actually finished through Chapter 20. I am so excited to hear what you think of it. I already love some of these characters, and there are so many more that I think I will grow to love. Love to hate. Hate to enjoy writing about.  I want you to feel that way too, and I occasionally have to remind myself that you have not read everything I have put down – and certainly not everything I have imagined about these people that are beginning to make Barghest seem more real.

I hope you enjoy Nosey Neighbors, and let me know your thoughts. Happy #tuesdayserial!

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