Serial Writing

As I learned with Second Alliance, writing in a serial format can be extremely gratifying for an author. Not only does it keep me on a manageable schedule, but it provides for constant input and encouragement as well. Barghest is being written and posted this way. The chapters are short enough that I can spend one day writing and one day doing rough edits, and long enough that I feel the reader can enjoy a meaty scene as well as some background or an info dump. There is enough there to sink your teeth into, and still leave you wanting more.

Serials aren’t a new idea. Radio programs like The Shadow, Newspaper and Magazine serial stories such as Pickwick Papers and Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and even soap operas on television today are made available as sequential releases. This format has seen a comeback for written works that are published strictly on the web or for e-readers. Amazon has even developed their own Kindle Serials to sell this specific kind of story.

Today is #tuesdayserial, and so I have posted a new chapter of Barghest. I hope you enjoy it! Please leave your thoughts and suggests in the comments!

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