That Nagging Feeling

Last week’s post was late. Really late. Like Sunday-which-is-actually-the-start-of-a-new-week late. Sorry.

The problem was that I wasn’t happy with Chapter 7, which made me hold onto Chapter 8.  I was thinking that I needed to change something, and worried that it would impact future chapters going forward. I sat on the latest installment all day Tuesday, hoping that what was actually wrong with the previous chapter would come to me. It didn’t. The week went on by and I still wasn’t satisfied with what I had posted, but I could not figure out why.  I had a couple of readers let me know what they liked about Chapter 7, which gave me the incentive to go ahead with Chapter 8: Shoot and Scoot.

I like Chapter 8; I’m glad I am back on schedule, but I still have that nagging feeling that something is wrong. If you felt there was a missing component, or there was something that just didn’t sound right in the last chapter, please let me know. I want to correct it. I want to give you the best possible version of Barghest. And for the love of Pete, I want to stop worrying about what I did wrong. I’m probably asking for trouble putting this out there, but please: tell me what I screwed up.

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