Under Pressure

Queen. David Bowie. Does it get any better?  This has been the theme for my writing for the past two weeks. Comments on recent chapters of Barghest led me to make some changes. As I’ve said before, I write a few chapters ahead of where I post to allow for editing. In this case, that has worked out really well because it has allowed me to consider the questions posed by readers and decided if and how to address them. It required a complete rewrite of the final chapter, but I think the results are worth it. And Chapter 19 went up on time, despite my last minute changes.

However, that means I was rewriting the last chapter of Part I while working on Chapter 2 for Part II of Barghest. I also needed to edit the most recent Nordic Diner post before it could be released today. (“She said ‘news’ with reverent, breathy emphasis – placing it in the same category as front row tickets to the Rolling Stones, a spiritual experience in Tibet, and multiple orgasms.”) It felt for a few days like carpal tunnel might be in my future – as my day job writing grants got a little hectic as well.

Although I was sweating bullets for a while with deadlines looming, I would do it again. Oftentimes, I write better under pressure. I have to finish it. I can’t wait to find the perfect word or research exactly how large a knife a special forces soldier might carry. That is when the ideas really flow – when I have to get something down so that I can move on to another project. Or, even better, when I don’t want to work on one thing so I force myself to write on another. Of course, it all needs edited, and that is where the thesaurus and fact checking will come into play. Still, I feel good about what I have produced. And isn’t that the point?

Well, that, and to become independently wealthy. I’ll do that next week.


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