New Chapter

I have posted the next chapter of Barghest – Evening Constitutional. This one features Malak and his Legion team, and it is bringing us up to the close of this first part of Barghest.

I was about halfway through writing this storyline when I realized that Barghest needed to be split into parts. As is often the way when I write, I have to get into a story before I have a broad idea of where I am going with it. I know that many authors do not work this way; some of my favorites to read plan out their plot in exacting detail – even down to each scene and accompanying narrative section. I have tried that, and so far it hasn’t worked well for me. Perhaps if I dedicated more large blocks of time to planning, research, and writing – instead of doing them all at the same time in thirty minute increments…

What Barghest is shaping into is a serialized novel in 4-5 parts, each part being approximately 20 chapters. As long as I can continue the pace of posting one chapter per week, it looks like another 62-82 weeks before I am finished. That puts us at around September of 2017 to be done. Although it sounds like a long time for a reader, that is incredibly quick for me to write, edit, and post. I am looking forward to the challenge – and to hearing your comments on Barghest.

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