Non-fiction vs. Fiction

My first non-fiction article was published this month at Her View From Home. The entire thing was less than 900 words – a page and a half in total – and it only took an hour to write and rough edit. When it was done, even when I sent it in to the editor, I was still half-certain I hated it. Not because it was poorly written or full of grammatical flaws (although I am sure there were elements of that as well), but because it was real.  I have never before shared a real experience of my own, and it left me feeling exposed. Not only is the article about my own life, but it has my name on it. No pseudonym, no persona of ‘author of books’. Just me. That is truly frightening.

After my June started out with the terror of reality, it was a bit of a relief to return to the terror of genetically engineered super soldiers and the sudden, lung-squeezing fear of a wet beak grinding in anticipation. Let’s all look forward to ending the month with Maker and Malak getting back to what they do best – making greasy smears out of space lobsters.

Until next week.


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